Board Members

Taylor Russell
Taylor Russell
Travis Reed
Travis Reed
Vice President
Zack Pollock
Zack Pollock
Michael Walton
Michael Walton
Jonathan Tisonyai
Jonathan Tisonyai
Media Chair
Mike Fulmer
Mike Fulmer
Golf Course Chair

Current Members

  • Tye Berkfield
  • Kevin Bishop
  • Kevin Bishop
  • Andrew Body
  • Chase Bracken
  • Sean Brady
  • Ryan Braglin
  • Jake Chema
  • Kyle Bo Coconis
  • Clay Cummins
  • Lane Dailey
  • Wade Davis
  • Austin Devolld
  • Brian Diamond
  • Nathan Duff
  • Marcus Farley
  • Aaron Frick
  • Mike Fulmer
  • Jonathan Gatten
  • Chad Hanson
  • Bob Hardman
  • Steve Haren
  • Scott Haren
  • Bill Hoffer
  • CJ Johnson
  • Brett Johnson
  • Chase Johnston
  • Andrew Jones
  • Kevin Kirby
  • Kasey Krouskoupf
  • Justin Landerman
  • Tyler Lasure
  • John Litle
  • Spencer Mahaffey
  • Jon Mayle
  • Andrew McGee
  • Heath Merrimam
  • Derrick Moorehead
  • Zack Pollock
  • Austin Powell
  • Travis Reed
  • Tim Reed
  • Jon Renner
  • Nick Roberts
  • Jesse Rollins
  • Taylor Russell
  • Cole Ryan
  • Troy Scott
  • Darren Tigner
  • Josh Tisonyai
  • Chad Tyson
  • Derek Tyson
  • George Walters
  • Mike Walton
  • Timothy White
  • Shawn Williams
  • Eric Woodard


The JCI Active Citizen Framework is a methodology for running sustainable, needs-based projects that create measurable results in communities. The process start with assessing local needs, engaging partners to share resources and strenghts, conducting action-oriented projects and finally monitoring and evaluating results to ensure tangible, effective positive impact.

JCI members use the three stages of community development, health and wellness, education and economic empowerment and sustainability to determine local needs, form solutions and take action. The JCI Active Citizen Framework empowers young people to create impact for a better world.

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Member Network

Being a Jaycee is more than just being part of an organization. Being a Jaycess is becoming part of a large member network that lasts a life time. Not only do you connect with local Jaycees in your area but you have access to a worldwide network of members. Being a Jaycee lasts a lifetime.

Member Meetings

Our members meet twice a month at the jaycees clubhouse. Meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month starting at 7:30pm. Please contact us today about joining the zanesville jaycees.

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